Why use us

Usually our colleagues would say something like: our collective degrees outnumber the total degrees of all universities on earth, that our combined experience takes us back to the age before script, that we have more charm than Don Juan DeMarco, that we only employ members of the X-Men clan and that even Chuck Norris secretly calls us for legal advice.


But that is not what we do, we keep things real and history has proven that we are really good in the following areas:


Conveyancing                                                              Employment relations

Compliance                                                                  Enterprise Risk Management

Corporate Law                                                              Commercial Law

Contracts                                                                      Litigation both Commercial and Civil

Debt Collection                                                             Health and Safety

Labour                                                                          Mining

Tax                                                                               Training

Establishment of Townships                                        Sectional Title Schemes

Subdivisions of land                                                     Consolidations of land


We are who we say we are, we can do what we say we can, there’s no smoke and mirrors and that is why us.

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